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The European-style Best Western Felicity Hotel (Shenzhen Fulin Dajiudian) is located in the heart of the city, near the banks of the Shenzhen River looking across the border to Hong Kong. The hotel provides high standards of service and a full range of modern facilities. Guestrooms here are comfortable and some offer views of the river. Dining outlets in this Shenzhen hotel feature menus showcasing cuisines from China, Japan and Europe. [View Detail]    

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  • paul0205
    Actually nothing to say, only facilities of the hotel is very old, no five-star standard of service, front desk very unhappy with some foreigners, health is OK.
  • e00219218
    good good good good
  • losiuyin
    Hotel old
  • asaaa
    Which is very nice.
  • guaiguaixiaocao
    Because consider to access Shenzhen and Hong Kong convenient walk 10 minutes within on to at Lo Wu mark meet location of convenience sex although Hotel some old but room facilities perfect and clean clean often travel will will this hotel as first select next time still will continues to designed this hotel near restaurant as long as go to railway station on has many select this is lucky set standard big bed room was rose, to a room a Office of suite very real super by value price very high Recommended
  • OrientalExpress
    This click on the link to buy the address first, but
  • mattdiageo
    Hotel is a lovely place, next to the train station, going to Hong Kong visitors is the ideal place for passengers, first-class hotel are pool, room clean, breakfast very good, in short, will again choose to move
  • xobetty
    Good location, convenient to the Hong Kong tourism. as such, participate in the Hong Kong tour group visitors also increased, so in the Checkin and Checkout to spend a lot of time.
  • Davidwangwei
    Business trip to Shenzhen resident hotel, very good location, very close to the Lo Wu control point has, entered the room, hotel the scenery outside the window to surprise me, the rooms are very comfortable, very quiet, and will come again, and worth recommending. very satisfied.
  • e01224956
    Hong Kong provisional stay a night hotel with 5 stars, but for many years before the renovation work, slightly old rooms facilities, with mark on a bridge across the customs clearance is very convenient
  • Bobo little Western
    Airport bus directly to the hotel, very convenient. room nice and clean. Metro, Lo Wu control point is very close.
  • Metior
    All right
  • Cora GU
    Veteran star, location very good ... much cheaper than living as well as location of Shangri-La, high cost performance.
  • e00007782
    Close to the quiet of the port health
  • lou1122
    Mark, returned to Hong Kong is convenient, but the hotel is old?
  • e00850936
    Old hotel, outdated facilities, the need to improve
  • tangtang7702
    Near Lo
  • paulo1168
    All right
  • Andyao888
    Transportation is very convenient just 10 minutes walk to the subway station next to the airport bus stop is just in half an hour to a trip to Shenzhen will choose next time here
  • august70
    That's good
  • marrige
    Old run-down, poor room hygiene. buffet is getting worse!
  • e01397546
    Hotel is located in the city centre, opposite the railway station, from Guangzhou to Hong Kong is very convenient, although the downtown area, but very quiet room on the side of the Shenzhen River, crossing and business is preferred.
  • bioboly
    I bit old. need renovations
  • aajuly
    Hotel Nice. service at the front desk patient. room amenities are great. neither soft nor hard to sleep in comfort.
  • steveny
    Nice hotel.Reasonable prices.Good "western-Chinese" restauarant.
  • dgadga
    Good night! on the border!
  • e04525805
    Rooms at many times, the transportation is convenient.
  • baibao
    A very worth recommended of hotel, civilians price enjoy five-star hotel, hotel rooms facilities and health are quite good, and location very good, traffic very convenient, away from Metro c export a few minutes Bell, away from Shenzhen railway station at Lo Wu bus station overseas social station are is points minutes of time, away from at Lo Wu port into Hong Kong entry is a few minutes Bell of time, key is hotel next 50 meters at also has a city terminal floor, airport bus each 20 minutes a class, for ride aircraft of friendsHas brought great convenience, all in all rooms at Shenzhen Felicity hotel really feel a lot of easy points. must be praised.
  • ceair625458794
    Service very good
  • cn1369
  • beipin33
    Hotel is a five-star, in fact, there is a small swimming pool in the backyard, bubble water is very pleasant in summer, or massage or fitness or to a restaurant to eat in the hotel, very convenient, there was a cake in the lobby was good to eat.
  • wb790113
    I feel pretty good
  • IRIS_asdfasf
    Well, next time.
  • andy104
    Services, Environment General hardware needs to be upgraded
  • F Fei Fei
    Location is just too old.
  • e320llen
  • e00188938
    Belongs to the heart of the old hotel, very close to the Lo Wu facilities. across the road there are many eating places. hotel is the Metro and train station, the travel more convenient.
  • bomb1345
    As in the past.. every time Hong Kong will live here.
  • ciji_elain
    Convenient to shopping and travel is not suitable
  • anjie
    And Lo Super near from the railway station, very convenient, the facility is a bit old.
  • apollo1205
    Title of worthy of five-star hotels, picky me, also came back from Hong Kong lived the good conscience hotel. true satisfaction, first-class service, there are many car owners also live here, 911s, Mercedes-Benz off-road King, like here. to set here in Hong Kong in the future.
  • bonny08
    History long of five-star hotel, service excellent, 13 o'clock took room, night 22 o'clock back room, found room was waiter finishing had; room facilities also can, but bathroom spent fell Hou, only fixed in wall Shang, cannot handheld, ventilation effect poor; room lighting Dim, can lamp number not small (6 lamp), to be improved. hotel near at Lo Wu port, about 10 minutes away, is convenient, clearance Qian rest Hotel preferred, standard double room more than 300 more price high, next also will select.
  • location
    Still choice
  • sanya52000
    Free upgrade complete room, very quiet, very comfortable! next time
  • dpljng2010
    Sanitation is also good
  • naner0
    Friend response very good
  • angela8272
    Room very good, breakfast very good, very happy with it. The front desk staff was very good, very hot. Place from the port very close. walk for a few minutes. next door has 330 airport bus departure. Breakfast is very good, would stay again!
  • luj1982
    The choice of travel convenience for Hong Kong
  • lyxcar
    Older hotel, is close to the port of Hong Kong is more convenient
  • e00177548
    All right